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Diane creates customized programs and presentations on a variety of topics related to teaching and learning including differentiation, student success in learning, gifted education, assessment and leadership.


Diane designs comprehensive plans with your school that reflect research based best practices in teaching and learning.


Diane has extensive experience as an instructional coach and co-teacher in inclusion classrooms. She personalizes professional learning experiences both in classrooms and with teachers.

Meet Diane Heacox, Ed.D.

Diane Heacox, ED.D.

Dr. Diane Heacox is a consultant and professional learning facilitator focusing on strategies to increase learning success for all students. Diane works with public, private and international schools on a variety of topics related to teaching and learning including differentiation, student success in learning, gifted education, assessment and leadership. 

She has worked with teachers in the United States, Denmark, Sweden, South Africa, Germany, Ireland and Canada at both the elementary and secondary school levels. 

Dr. Heacox creates customized presentations and training programs for schools, teachers, parents and public conferences. Use the button below to contact Diane.


Diane Heacox is the author of three books published by Free Spirit Publishing. 

Differentiation For Gifted Learners 2020
Differentiation for Gifted Learners
Going Beyond the Basics
with Richard Cash

With increasing numbers of students receiving gifted services every year, it’s more important than ever to make certain we are meeting their unique learning needs in the classroom. Differentiated instruction for these learners must go beyond adjusting content levels, task complexity, or product choice—it must truly challenge and support learners on all levels: academic, social, and emotional. A leading resource in the field of gifted education, this book connects the unique learning differences among gifted students to the specific teaching methods used to tailor their learning experiences. Expansive new content in the revised edition includes:

  • a discussion of underserved learners—particularly English language learners, students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and economically disadvantaged students
  • updated information on learning standards, MTSS, and universal screening 
  • new guidelines for honors courses 
  • a focus on scholarly questioning, ethics, and empathy
  • a novel new strategy to increase curricular depth and complexity 
  • information on learning orientations
  • new research on neurological differences of gifted learners
  • the pros and cons of co-teaching and how to assess its progress
  • new tools to increase achievement, plus a discussion of “underlearning”
  • the benefits of coaching and lesson study
  • the authors’ perspectives on and guidelines for grading

Downloadable digital content includes customizable reproducible forms and a PDF presentation; a free PLC/Book Study Guide for use in professional development is also available.

Differentiating Instruction in the Regular Classroom
How to Reach and Teach All Learners
Second Edition

Get a practical introduction to differentiation. This book explains how to differentiate instruction in a wide range of classroom settings and curriculum topics. Practical, do-able strategies are introduced to provide challenge, choice and variety in learning. Other chapters focus on differentiation for special populations including gifted and academically talented learners, on-going assessment strategies and management of inclusive differentiated classrooms.

Making Differentiation a Habit
How to Ensure Success in Academically Diverse Classrooms
Second Edition

Educators will find specific, user-friendly tools to optimize teaching, learning and assessment. This book provides new ideas, fresh perspectives and additional research-based strategies designed to help teachers seamlessly integrate differentiation practices into their daily routines. In addition, a wealth of practical and specific tools, templates and checklists enable you to effectively implement new differentiation strategies tomorrow!

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Indiana Association for the Gifted

December 6-8, 2020
Indianapolis, IN
National Association for Gifted Children Annual Convention

National Association for Gifted Children

November 5-8, 2020
Orlando, Florida

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